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Conventions I'm considering depending on who wants to attend with me

Motor City Con - pretty much a given everyone is welcome to join me.

Yaoi Jamboree - Not for most, lol, Ara this one is an option for you, Hunter, and me. Considering the content and location it'll be pretty hot there. But I'm not sure if it's worth the airfare given how small it appears to be.

Anime Central - driving distance for everyone I usually do these things with let me know if anyone wants to go, Chicago is always fun. Motel Six is a good place for us to stay, lol.

Chicago Wizard World - again Chicago is fun and this one is a bit more diversified compared to A-Cen, not nearly as big as San Diego Comic con, but larger than Motor City con

San Diego Comic Con - I love this one (as you all know) but it's hard to get a hotel and expensive to fly so I'm not sure who can fit it in their budget, if you're interested let me know (I really do want to attend if possible).
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