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This is my first post

Hi all my sister finally got me to start a live journal so if I offend anyone blame her.
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I'm glad you joined ^_^
could it beeeee?? *stares at icon* yup. has to be ^____^



Welcome welcome welcome :) I'm glad I was finally able to twist your arm far enough mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Yo yo yo, Lisa in the hizzaaaah.
Lisa's here!!Yeah!!*hugs Lisa*
Here, I'll make Will friend you...
Love your icon Will
btw... ppl in US got back: it's in stock and is 231 with ins shipping @.@vv'

Still waiting for the German store to reply, but they were closed on Sunday and are 6 hours ahead of me so hopefully they will have a reply waiting for me when I get home tonight.
yeah! because I like germany's prices more than US... @_@

*lusts over FAKE and Eroica artbooks* sob. so many pretties, so little money ^___~

Now you just have to start actually posting regularly. =^_^=

(Although I'm rather guilty of not doing so myself... not enough time in the day and all that jazz...)
Oh my god, they killed Lisa!

you still about darling?