neko_lisa (neko_lisa) wrote,

Interesting dinner after the riot in Steak N Shake

Melissa, Samantha, and I were hungry late tonight and went to Steak N Shake. We figured it would be pretty empty at 11:30 PM but to our surprise it was full. There were about 40 people in there between the ages of 16 and 21. We finally were seated and placed our order. Then one of the really big guys tries to start a fight with the staff. Suddenly there are about 10 people shouting and making threats, guys start tearing their shirts off, mind you it's 15 degrees out this is Michigan in February, and the plates and glasses start flying and smashing all around us. The police didn't even show until long after the perps were gone. The thing that really struck me as gutsy was this one girl who had thrown and broken a lot of plates and glasses comes back in after the fighting guys leave and asks if anyone found her cell phone. The staff was really great and gave us our dinner for free, I felt really sorry for them having to clean up the mess and all.
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