neko_lisa (neko_lisa) wrote,

My new car radio

So I finally got sick of Jim (my old car radio as named by Rachel) and decided to replace him. Of course as soon as I declared, "Tomorrow we're going to go shopping for a new radio", good old unreliable Jim decided to start playing my Sonata Arctica cd again after not working for a week. Unfortunately for Jim, his track record was against him and I went to Mickey Shore and bought his replacement.

My beautiful new car cd player/radio plays MP3 disks and has all kinds of nice functions. The new radio is loved by all who ride in my car and has been named Kai for reasons that are obvious to some (you know who you are) and a complete mystery to most.
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I love the new radio, it's awesome!!
*nodnod* I too am in desperate need of a new car radio/player. Mine is a P.O.S. and seriously needs replacing as the tape deck doesn't work, the radio picks up three channels, and there is no CD player. ;)
I don't even have a car radio or a car to talk about. Hope you get a good car radio soon, Ara. ^_^
Well mine was just over $200 with free installation so they are pretty reasonable around here. We have to talk conventions Ara.
I want to hear your CD player/radio. Sometime, tell me why it is called Kai. Although, I think I can guess.:)
Deb if you think about girls nights on Mondays then you know why I named him Kai.
I took a while to remember it. I'll ask Mit or you if I'm right.